Quotable Ordinary Folks

My philosophy professor: “There are no movies nowadays that depict what true love is- not one single film”.
This shy guy in the front row: “Obviously you haven’t seen A Walk to Remember, like only the greatest Mandy Moore movie ever”..
haha got me to look up from my crossword puzzle because I love when quiet kids speak up and yes, if that’s not true love in A Walk to Remember then someone should tell nicholas sparks before he writes any more novels on the subject.

Same philosophy professor: “How do you people have sex with those thing in your ears? What do you call them, i-pods?”

My Spanish Professor: “I’m afraid some of you aren’t here for the right reasons…” – did he get that from The Bachelor?

My Economics Professor: “My nickname is the Avenger”
On his last economics class: “They hated me; I hated them- I am Hell on Wheels”

The elderly woman cashier in Marillac (wait, they all women): “I like the jumpsuit you’re wearing, but how do you go to the bathroom?

Me (mostly dumbfounded she complimented me): “Uh thanks. I manage. See look here it has these buttons…”

The UPS ManTwith gold teeth who delivers my packages: “I like your backpack. It turns me on.”
Me, “Uh Okay, where do I sign?”
What a strange fellow…

One of my professors “I ain’t no fool. I was young once and did the whole texting under the desk thing too” (who did you text?? You must have been the only person on the planet with a cell phone when you were “young”.)

I the willing, led by the unknowing
am doing the impossible
for the ungrateful.
I have done so much for so long
with so little. We are now qualified to do anything, with nothing.

Mother Teresa of Calcutta

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