Chic-ago (sheeck-ahgoh)

The definition of chic is “fashionable.” The only time that word, or a variation of it, and I are used in the same sentence is when I’m late. However, I have observed a lot of style and fashion-forwardness while working in New York City and living with the likes of Annika Tibando who has worked for the likes of Diane Von Furstenberg.  I can be found at the intersection of where fashion meets comfort, affordability, and utility. It’s tricky to be on top of the latest trends while traveling since you’re limited to what you can pack. But you

Annika & I in Lululemon. fashion + functional = hip hikers

can, and should, invest in stylish staples that you don’t mind seeing in photo after photo. The most obvious being your jacket or coat.

Tune in to ABC Chicago on Tuesday Oct. 2nd at 11am CST for some fashionable outerwear that will fit every temperature, trip, and budget. Most will fit in your carry-on and if not, wear it on the plane because the average air temperature in the cabin is near freezing and these days blankets are few and far between! Speaking of those blankets, check out this

hoodie sewn out of an airplane blanket

hoodie that my friend Linn made from one for me in Hawaii.

Modeling a Michael Kors Trench Coat ($99 at TJ Maxx)

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