Kids these days

By the age of ten most kids will be on their second smart phone.

Okay I made that up, but it is still crazy how young folk these days are playing with the latest technology. I was reminded of this today while sitting next to a man and his young son at church. The boy, who looked to be around six years old, was able to convince his dad to let him play with his iPhone in less time than I could say a “Hail Mary.” I was watching the boy play with his dad’s phone while Pastor Jake spoke of his five year old’s recent birthday party held at none other than Chuck E. Cheese’s, the quintessential venue for a milestone like five. I wonder how many tickets it takes to get an iPhone.

It got me thinking. Less than a week before the long-awaited release of the iPhone 5, I encountered this boy in Brooklyn’s Fort Greene park. Kudos to him for constructing his own bow. Not pictured is his camera shy sister who had one of her own.


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