Bacon to break the bank?

Just as Denny’s is bringing back its infamous bacon milkshake, reports of a bacon shortage are appearing everywhere in the news. No, the pigs have not all taken to the skies to show us that they can fly, but rather the recent droughts have damaged crops worldwide, and pig farmers are finding themselves without food for their flock. I like the term flock better than herd, especially since I want pigs to fly.

The National Pig Association in the UK is saying that hog farmers are raising fewer hogs, and they’re predicting that pork prices could double by 2013. (Today I pay $3.99 for an 8-slice pack of bacon from Trader Joe’s.) The good news is that this is the National Pig Association in the UK that is reporting this, and conditions in the U.S. have not been as bad. Although my father was Montana’s Pork All American in 1986, at the time this post was being written, he was not available for comment.

My advice to all you bacon eaters out there who will read about this issue in the days to come is to hold off on stockpiling and stay informed. Remember that the media often blows things out of porkportion . If you are not yet a fan of bacon and you’re wondering what all the fuss is about, get thee to the nearest Sur La Table to sign up for their unique cooking class “Everything’s Better with Bacon” where you’ll learn how to make everything from bacon Guinness jam to bacon peanut brittle. Despite the Irish reference, “keep calm & carry on!”

My bacon & I at the fair


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