Did you scam my gram?

Years ago my grandma in Montana received a phone call from my cousin Jason. He told her he was locked up in prison in Canada, and he needed her to wire him money for bail. I think it was $900. My grandma isn’t stupid. She watches Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune every night. She skipped a few grades K-12, and she graduated with a degree in engineering. Her Scrabble scores are outrageous.

Jason isn’t criminal. He is no angel, but there’s no reason he should be in jail.

Despite Jason’s innocence and my grandma’s intelligence, she wired the money. Shortly after, she found out that Jason was nowhere near Canada and she had been had. By a scam artist. facebook down . My grandma never got her money back, and although it didn’t reflect in my annual birthday check, I am still furious that someone would steal her money.

Fast forward to this morning when I received an email from a man named “Jonathan Green” in response to an ad I had put on craigslist. I am trying to sell an expensive jacket. expired domains . Jonathan writes:

True, his “assistant”–“Oliver Janis”–had emailed me. Hours earlier, he wrote:

Perhaps it was their vagueness (neither mentioned the jacket I was selling) or the fact that neither was asking me to negotiate on price that raised a red flag. Seriously, the quintessential craigslist buyer is known to be a low-baller. But these guys had no balls.

I have yet to respond to Mr. Green; however I plan to. I pasted his email address in to a search engine, and he seems to be a pretty popular fellow at www.scamwarners.com. For years the dude hasn’t changed his script. See what others have written about him in the forum here. His MO is to write checks for items that he buys. He writes the check for an amount larger than the asking price, and then he asks the seller to send him back the difference. The problem is that his check is worthless.

He’s so unbelievably bogus, but the sad part is that he’s exactly the kind of tool who would fool my beloved grandma. I’m going to write the guy back tomorrow. This should be good.






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