Pickles, Chocolates, and Pillows

When I was around fourteen I found a chunk of wood floating in a jar of pickles I’d just opened. More curious than furious, I mailed the specimen to the pickle company along with a nice letter telling them that they must have slipped it in by accident. A few weeks later I received a nice letter from the pickle company explaining that the wood chunk in my jar of pickles had likely come from the wooden vats where they cure their cucumbers. Coupons for free pickles were slipped in with the letter, and I was a content customer.

A year ago I spent over $3 on a package of two dark chocolate Justin’s Nut Butter cups at a kiosk in LaGuardia. It happened in one of those moments of desperation in airports when you realize you have no control over your flight status so you indulge–in calories & cashtraps. Expecting high quality cups, I was disappointed to find the chocolate to be gray and chalk-like. I had time to kill in the airport so I began to pen a letter to Justin’s. A few weeks later, I received two coupons in the mail to try Justin’s again. There was no apology or refund, but the coupons were a nice gesture.

Fast forward to today when I unwrapped a pricey piece of Lake Champlain dark chocolate. I bought it because I saw their ads everywhere while I was leaf peeping in Vermont earlier this week. (I actually had a chance to tour their chocolate factory; however, I reached my sugar quota after a morning touring Ben & Jerry’s factory.  It’s top secret otherwise I’d share photos of the interior.)

Chunky Monkey & Chubby Hubby (a.k.a. mom & dad)

Notice the gray, chalk-like color

Anyway, my Lake Champlain chocolate from today was terrible. The color was off, but I was more concerned with the taste and texture. I will write the company a nice email later today & of course share the results.


Notice how small the bite mark is? That’s how you can tell I didn’t enjoy it.


p.s. Food is not the only thing that it can pay off to write in about. My dear friend Christina recently bought a mattress from Sleepy’s and after being very disappointed with their service (the pickup process was painstaking) she contacted the company to let them know how disappointed she was, and they gave her free pillows I think.


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