Counterintuitive: Cool Products to Keep You Cozy

Growing up in Montana, I never much liked winters. My father* was such a cheapskate (that’s where I get it from) that one winter he unwired my wall heater. He had threatened to do so because I often cranked it up pretty high. At least higher than his liking because it could never be high enough for me. I spent that winter buried under blankets. I probably gave him the silent treatment too because that was typical of my teenage years. And as you can see from the photo below, I got revenge.

Revenge in a foreign country. Taken while my dad was sleeping. Other tourists we were with were semi anti-American so I got some good laughs.

After freezing my bum off that winter (I think that was the same year my dad made me do winter survival camp with him & sleep in snow) I’ve been interested in ways to avoid being uncomfortably cold. I noticed that many of my clients at the PR firm where I work have products that are well-suited for warmth and the idea for a segment including them was born. The segment is below, and I owe a special thank you to Merrick Carpenter for being the model. One day she may be a famous singer, but for this one I didn’t let them mic her up. Too many talking points to get in as you can see below.

Cool Products to Keep Thyself (& others) Cozy This Winter 

Click on the Title (linked) not this image which is merely a tease

Please note that all of the brands mentioned in the segment except for Patagonia and The Container Store are clients of the PR firm where I am employed. In other words, clients sometimes pay me for expenses like travel and give or lend me product to use.  But, all of the ideas are my own and I approach each brand with opportunities. Any tips are based on my personal experience or research.  I’ll never recommend a product or anything that I wouldn’t use myself. I have a B.S. in marketing and like to express that I can see through most B.S. in general.

If you really want to be warm this winter, head to Costa Rica! This map depicts my recent travels there. It is summer there when it is winter in the U.S. The sun is shining…between rain showers.

*This same dad also put a timer on my brother’s light. Every thirty minutes or so the light would go off, and my brother would have to get up and turn the light back on. Look up “cheap” in the dictionary & if you don’t see my dad there, add him to Wikipedia’s def.


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