Ever feel like Santa screwed you over?

For YEARS I have been asking for a dog for Christmas. Not just any dog, but a Leonberger like the one pictured below. For YEARS Santa has screwed me over in the dog department. It’s gone on so long that the Associated Press decided to include my tragic tail  in a recent story on “elusive gifts”–the things you want for the holidays, have been hinting at or boldly asking for, but still have yet to receive. Does anyone else feel like they’re on the naughty list for no reason? Or have tips on how to get to the TOP of the nice list?

Read the article here: Clues, hints, begs: twisted tales of elusive gifts @ Yahoo

Myself & a Leo



Positive Santa has a few of these hanging around.
photo taken at the house I Googled directions to & gave to my Dad for Xmas. Thank you to strangers for letting us in!



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