Rednecks AND Redskins

Last night was a huge night for fans of the Redskins who beat the Cowboys to claim the NFC title and qualify for the playoffs. Honestly I know next to nothing about the NFC or  NFL, but ever the good sport, I watched Sunday Night football with the family last night. Instead of competing in bingo or bridge tournaments like most dignified ladies her age (84), my grandma Lois is right in there with her team, the Redskins. In fact, she is so superstitious that she doesn’t even quilt while she watches. Alright, I don’t think she knows how to quilt but with all of the free time on her hands, she should certainly learn.

But nope, it’s all about the game and the Redskins. She even had the gall last night to say to me (on a commercial break of course), “Did we ever have anything in common?” Ouch. So I left after the first half. I don’t think anyone really noticed.

Ever the good sport, I’m proud to wake up this morning and read online that her team won. Grandma Lois is starting off on the right foot in 2013, but even if you’re not a Redskins fan, may you all have something substantial to look forward to in the new year.

As for what I’m looking forward to, tomorrow I’ll be off to Utah to pick up my parent’s new Berner puppy, Don Juan. My dad has trouble with silent “j”s so we may call the new pup D.J. for short. Happy New Year!

My mom is a big Washington Redskins fan too, but she wears her pants up so high that it’s hard to tell. (That’s her fish she caught in Alaska.)




That’s the fish that KATIE caught in Alaska:)







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