Heads, New York. Tails, Nicaragua.

No need for quarters when you have a gold medal given to you by the Pope. Below is my week according to the book of Benedict XVI.

I once had Papal earrings that I got in Rome. But then some jack-arse stole them from me at a bar in Paris. During an ACDC pub crawl I think.

Monday I quit my amazing job at M Booth. Monday night I showed my room to strangers from Craigslist. Tuesday I watched the most dramatic rose ceremony yet. At least on this season. Tuesday night I showed my room again. Wednesday (today) I wondered if I was doing the right thing.

Thursday I will watch Nashville online. Friday I will go to my final Beer Friday and still not get drunk. Saturday I will start hard core packing and become all nostalgic about the past six years I’ve spent living in New York City. Saturday afternoon I will go to the New York Times Travel Show to listen to my new employer give a talk on how to connect with locals and their culture in Latin America.

Sunday I will go to church in an Italian restaurant, and maybe think some more about having a going aways away party. Because I am going aways away. As the crow flies, Nicaragua is too damn far away to even consider flying to. So I had to buy a ticket on my favorite airline to complain about: Spirit. Hopefully, the fees I pay will get me to Managua in one piece, and from there I will travel to numero tres on this list: New York Times: Top 46 Places to Go in 2013. My new home sweet home. A bunk in a “rustic” bungalow with no AC or kitchen and a shared bathroom is what I’m expecting. Meals will be beans and rice so I don’t even have a shot at being friends with my Spanish-speaking bunkmates.

Falling asleep to the sound of waves crashing on the shore and not howler monkeys or ‘skeeters is what I’m hoping for.

Now, I’m not encouraging you to quit your day job or pick up and move to another country, but I encourage you to ask yourself: what are you hoping for?

Super Bowl outcomes don’t count.

See what you could get if you flipped a coin?



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