The Reluctant Travel Companion


One day I dream of dropping my mom off at the airport so SHE can have an adventure. Dad (cropped out of this pic) too.

Some days I wonder if I really came from this woman’s womb. BabyMom-mixups are rare, but I have read about them in People so I know they happen. It doesn’t seem possible that someone who loves travel so much could come from someone who could die happy without having ever experienced Italy. (To be fair, my mom probably has her own doubts about the legitimacy of her only daughter. While she enjoys shooting rifles on the ranch, I’m shooting photos in a foreign country.) Despite our differences, I wouldn’t trade her for any other mother in the world if I had such a swapportunity. Furthermore, I’m committed to taking her out of her comfort zone where travel has long been exiled.


Although the NYC subway announcement is “remain alert and have a safe day”–mom takes a few minutes between stops. #jetlag




As  Mother’s Day approaches* I look back on a few of my recent successes (all Stateside with one trip to Mexico) while looking forward to the future trips I’ll convince her to take. My hazel eyes I inherited from her are set on sights overseas, but I don’t know if my powers of persuasion are there yet.


Mom & daughter have visited Vermont, Mexico, and NYC. Next? I think that suit needs to see the Mediterranean.

*That’s your cue to get a card. Or better yet, make one!



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