Simon Says


Katie says you must eat here next time you’re in Nicaragua. Open daily until about 4pm. Beach attire welcome!

What if I told you his name wasn’t even Simon? It’s true. This popular children’s game dates way back to the ancient Romans, and it sure didn’t start with a Simon. To find out Simon’s real identity, read here, but it’s like the Santa rule. Don’t tell other people’s kids that there is no Simon. Ever.

It’s been years since I’ve played Simon Says, yet it’s the topic of today’s post. Why? Because Simon Says is one of the hippest food spots in Nicaragua. Located in the beach town of San Juan Del Sur, here’s what Simon has that others lack:


Yes, that would be a clean bathroom on the back wall. Something that shouldn’t be taken for granted when traveling in other countries!




Games galore: No need to twiddle your thumbs or play thumb war while you wait for your food. Grab a game from their huge selection (including Hulk mitts) and play!

Simon Says: Ask at the counter for batteries for the games and toys that need them.

Reading material: They have a great collection of used books (including guidebooks) and magazines. In English!

Simon Says: If you donate a National Geographic magazine, you will make the day of the guy who works at the counter. Easy way to make someone’s eyes light up. 


My go-to game is Connect Four, and my go-to sauce is some type of aoli.

Homemade hummus: Hummus is really hard to find in Central America, especially in Nicaragua, so here it’s a huge draw.

Simon Says:  Every sandwich and salad also comes with a tray of “special sauces” that will satisfy any flavor cravings and allow you to experiment with reckless abandon. 

Made to Order: If you’re not feeling the ensembles on the inside of the menu, make your own using the list of ingredients on the back.

Simon Says: If we run out of an ingredient  we walk down the street to the local market to pick up the freshest available.

Pretty decent prices & portions: $4 for a substantial salad served with garlic toast. $3 for a loaded sandwich and $2 for smoothies featuring your favorite fresh fruits.

Simon Says: Tip is not included but there is a cooks’ Party Fund cup on the counter that you can contribute to if you’re impressed with the food and service. Cooks like to party too!


Bonus features of Simon Says include awesome decor (do your own thing!) cushioned seats for sore surfer bums, and a happening playlist.





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