Katie Jackson is a Montana native (although she likes to say she’s a European trapped in an American’s body). After growing up on a 1500-acre farm, Katie moved to New York City where she graduated from St. John’s University with a degree in marketing. Katie also studied abroad in Rome, Paris and Dublin before starting her career in media relations. 

On the PR side, she’s represented major brands like AirBnB, American Express, Disney consumer goods, JC Penney, Montage Hotels & Resorts and Sur La table at an award-winning PR agency on Park Avenue and later, one of the largest PR agencies in the Southeast. Later, she moved in-house to manage PR at an adventure travel company owned by Xanterra.

On the media side she’s worked in broadcast (NY1), print (Dan’s Papers, the largest newspaper in the Hamptons) and online. Highlights of her career as a writer include: 

  • Telling the stories of people who can afford to live in normal houses but choose the trailer house life (or van life), Chinese-American restauranteurs suffering as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, a teenager paying for people’s meals with his quarter collection and more humans leading interesting and newsworthy lives.  
  • Interviewing Kristen Bell, Pioneer Woman, Kesha, Curtis Stone, Alan Houston, George Hincapie and other luminaries in their respective fields. 
  • Covering the first commercial cruise ship crossing of The Northwest Passage for The Sunday Times, The Australian, Fox News, The New York Post and more. 
  • Being among the first to stay and write about the most dog-friendly hotel on the planet for Travel & Leisure. 

She tries to split her time between Tenerife and Chiang Mai. You can follow her misadventures on Instagram at @katietalkstravel.


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  1. Tim says:

    I like your style Katie and look forward to following your adventure.

    • katiej says:

      Thank you Tim, I need to spend more time on Flat Tires and Slow Boats. Maybe this three-day weekend. Have a good one!

  2. Carol says:

    Hi, Katie!
    It was fun looking at your site. I’m a not-too-old friend of your mom’s from her U of MD days. Glad you’re including the fam in your pics. Keep up the great job, and tell the folks I said Hi.

    • katiej says:

      Will do! Thanks Carol, and it’s nice to e-meet you! I hope you got to see my mom when she was in MD around Memorial Day. Happy 4th!

  3. Konsyantinos says:

    Huge fan of Katie’s adventures, because the way she writes is like being with her!
    Keep on Katie!

  4. Elizabeth English says:

    Hi Katie! Olivia’s mama, Elizabeth here…
    Your writing is great! I am planning a year (or maybe more) abroad, world-schooling Olivia starting next summer. It has been so great to read your Facebook posts.

    Looking forward to reading more…
    Elizabeth English

    • katiej says:


      Thank you! I really appreciate the feedback/kind words. I already consider little Olivia rather worldly, so she seems like the perfect candidate for such an education. Please let me know where you all end up, and hopefully our paths can cross again!


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